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Adopting a Jewish Affinity

I was recently on LinkedIn and a familiar name from long ago popped up as someone I might know. At least it was a most familiar name, for in this instance my friend’s name was preceded with the word Rabbi. I was intrigued.

I knew him through work and hadn’t seen him in twenty years. I also knew him to be Jewish, but perceived him to a marginal one, perhaps even irreverently so.

Could it be the same person? I was becoming excited. Given my recollection from two decades past, the profile picture looked right. And his work history confirmed it was the same person.

But now he is a Rabbi! I scanned his summary, noting that he is self-described as “a wandering Jew.”

I can so appreciate that, wandering, searching, on a journey—a godly journey. I felt a real connection with him, an affinity, a faith affinity.

We do worship and serve the same God, albeit from a different perspective, approach, and outlook. And we are both on a faith journey.

For a long time, I’ve felt a deep faith affinity towards the Jewish people—and have wondered why God placed such a connection in my heart.

Then I suddenly realized why. I read and study about Jews every day in my Bible. Most all those who I connect within the Bible are Jews. So, it should be no surprise I feel a deep connection with those who diligently follow in their footsteps.

I have a deep affinity with Jews because they are the main characters in the book I love and read the most.

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