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Are You Searching for More?

When people in our materialistic society say they want more, they usually mean more money and possessions. But that’s not the kind of more I’m talking about.

A year ago, after Easter, my wife and I slipped away from our church to take a yearlong sabbatical to visit a different Christian church each Sunday.

On Monday morning I chronicled our Sunday adventure in the thread 52 churches, and I continue to post updates.

This Easter we completed our journey, returning to our home church to celebrate Jesus with friends. The reunion was grand; it was glorious.

Though visiting 52 churches in a year was an interesting, engaging, and growing experience, it was wonderful to return home, to enjoy the company of the church that fits us best.

It’s nice to worship with people I know and enjoy community with friends. Yet as good as being at my home church is, I still yearn for more.

Church, as today’s culture practices it, is good (or at least can be good), but my heart deeply desires for more and my soul tells me there is more awaiting discovery: something that is not just good but better.

And just as my heart and soul longs for more, I think God desires the same with us. He earnestly longs for us to seek, embrace, and immerse ourselves into more with him.

I have occasional hints at what more looks like, sensing it in my innermost being.

Going to church is good, but I crave something better. And that something better doesn’t reside in tweaking today’s church service.

It will happen only after we strip away all the layers we’ve added and reclaim an intimate relationship with Father, Son, and Spirit.

Then we can find a better kind of church. More church.

Peter DeHaan writes about biblical Christianity to confront status quo religion and live a life that matters. He seeks a fresh approach to following Jesus through the lens of Scripture, without the baggage of made-up traditions and meaningless practices.

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2 replies on “Are You Searching for More?”

Thinking along the same lines Peter. This morning as I sit out on the deck and observe birds doing what they have done for thousands of years I marvel at their contentment. They glorify God by picking at seeds and bugs and flying against the pull of gravity. Doing church only will not lift me against the influence of the gravity of this life. There is always more and God is always waiting for our search beyond the material to the God who is love.

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