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Meditate on the True Meaning of Easter as a Christian Holy Day of Ultimate Importance

Every Sunday morning for several years I have shared my thoughts about God, the Bible, and the church on this blog. Because Easter always falls on a Sunday, one post a year is usually about Jesus’s resurrection.

This year’s reflection follows this same theme, yet it is also different.

This is not a new post but a nod to past Easter posts, my top entries. Together they say everything I want to say. I am most pleased with last year’s thoughts, so I lead with it:

  1. What’s the True Meaning of Easter?
  2. Celebrate Easter as a Spiritual Holiday
  3. Let’s Celebrate Resurrection Sunday
  4. Let’s Reclaim Easter Before It Loses All Meaning
  5. What Does the Bible Say About Easter?
  6. Which is More Important, Good Friday or Easter?

The first entries are all past Easter posts. The last item was from last week, but its theme rightly belongs in this compilation.

When I think of Easter, I think of Jesus. Of who he is, what he did, why he did it, and who he did it for. His ultimate act of sacrificial love drives me to my knees in homage and brings tears to my eyes out of undeserved gratitude.

I love you Jesus, and I long to be with you, today and every day. May it be so.

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