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Old Testament Reading Plan

Read Through the Old Testament by Investing a Few Minutes a Day

The Old Testament reading plan Bible guide is now available.

By reading about 10 to 12 minutes a day, an average adult reader can cover the entire Old Testament of the Bible in one year.

The schedule, however, does not make people read the Bible straight through from page one to the end. “It’s too easy to get bogged down by one section of the Bible,” said the plan developer Peter DeHaan.

DeHaan’s method for all the options is to cover the Bible in sections, reading from only one book each day, completing that book before moving on to the next one.

“Every December people email me asking about Bible reading plans for the New Year. Each year we add more options and enhance our existing guides,” said Bible scholar Peter DeHaan.

Readers may freely share the Bible reading plans without restriction, as long as it is for noncommercial use.

Other Options

In addition to the Old Testament Reading Plan, author Peter DeHaan also provides two less ambitious Bible reading schedules. One covers just the New Testament. And the other is a set of twelve monthly reading plans.

“It only takes three to four minutes a day, five days a week, to read the New Testament in one year,” added DeHaan, “The New Testament plan is our most popular. And many people follow it up with our Old Testament reading plan the next year.”

In addition to the annual Bible Reading plans, also has hundreds of pages of information about the Bible, including Bible FAQs, Bible terms, books of the Bible, and a Bible blog.

Download one of the annual Bible reading plans, and have a Happy New Year!

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