Peter DeHaan’s Writing Blog Facilitates Reader Interaction and Fosters Better Connections.

Mattawan, Michigan, Jun 28, 2013 – Peter DeHaan’s writing blog, Byline, celebrates thirty months of posts and reader comments with a fresh façade, supported by a robust platform. Powered by WordPress, the leading blogging platform, the revised Byline blog is greatly improved, with a clean, new format to make reading easier.

The blog features a more robust delivery of posts via email or RSS feed. Readers can make comments with one-click simplicity, avoiding frustrating Captcha codes to decipher. With an archive of 150 posts, Peter adds new content each Saturday.

“The old blogging platform was not being updated anymore,” stated Peter DeHaan, the blog’s chief writer. “WordPress presented an ideal solution, offering a familiar structure and providing many features to benefit readers. I’m excited with its present capabilities and the future opportunities it provides. I enjoy connecting and interacting with blog readers; already the new Byline blog is nicely meeting that need.”

Read, comment, and follow Peter DeHaan’s Byline blog.

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