News Release: Peter DeHaan Releases A Faith Manifesto

New Spirituality E-book Conveys Author’s Basis for Belief and is Available as a Free Download

A Faith ManifestoMattawan, Michigan, Apr 25, 2013 – Author Peter DeHaan, PhD, announced the release of his new e-book, A Faith Manifesto, an essential belief statement of what it means to follow Jesus as revealed in the Bible. Weighing in at a mere 2800 words, A Faith Manifesto is a quick read that’s packed with elegant simplicity, yet offers much to contemplate.

Proclaiming the Bible as his foundation for belief, Peter simply asks, “What did Jesus say?” Compiling Jesus’ own words from the biblical accounts of his teaching, the evidence mounts to produce a fresh perspective. The result wipes away centuries of assumptions that don’t really align with Jesus’ teaching.

And that’s just part one. There are two more parts – even more daring and outrageous than the first – as Peter urges readers to “follow the God who is revealed in the Bible.”

A Faith Manifesto is a succinct account of the foundation of my theology,” stated Dr. DeHaan. “It also serves nicely as a focal point for much of my other writing. Part one of A Faith Manifesto is a concise summary of key principles from my dissertation.” Peter continued, stating that two other books he is working on also connect with the core ideas expressed in A Faith Manifesto.

A Faith Manifesto is available as a free PDF file and formatted for easy viewing on a computer screen. It’s offered as a “thank you” gift for all subscribers of Peter DeHaan’s free monthly newsletter. Once readers confirm their email address, they’ll receive a link to download A Faith Manifesto.

“And don’t worry,” said Peter. “We won’t spam you or share your info with anyone. Plus you can unsubscribe from my newsletter at any time – but I don’t think you’ll want to!”

A Kindle version of A Faith Manifesto is in the works.

Learn more and receive your free download of A Faith Manifesto.

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