“The Musings of Peter DeHaan” to Expand Peter’s Online Articles and Commentary

Mattawan, Michigan, Jan 1, 2008 – Peter DeHaan, publisher of AnswerStat magazine, Connections Magazine, and the website, ArticleWeekly.com, launched a blog on January 1, simply entitled, “The Musings of Peter DeHaan.”

“I had been considering a blog for a couple of years,” DeHaan stated. “The feedback I receive on my articles and editorials is both affirming and encouraging. My main concern was wondering if I would have enough worthwhile topics to write about in a blog. Eventually, I concluded that this was not an issue – and the blog was launched!”

The blog will be similar in scope and tone to Peter’s “From the Publisher” in Connections Magazine and “Vital Signs” in AnswerStat magazine. As such, it will serve as a general purpose repository of his thoughts and observations, covering an array of subjects from the personal to the public and everywhere in between.

For more info visit Peter DeHaan’s website.

Join me on the journey!

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