My yard is coming alive with color.  In addition to the greening of the grass (winter-brown was getting old), I’ve been enjoying flowers of all colors. 

Flowering Crab Tree

First up is my Flowering Crab Apple Tree.  It has lush white flowers every spring, which last for two or three weeks.  This photo is of the tree at its peak.

Creeping Myrtle - Vinca Minor

Next is the Periwinkle (also called Vinca Minor or Myrtle).  It has light blue flowers in the spring; it continues flowering throughout the summer, but not to the same extent as right now.

Creeping Phlox

Lastly is the Phlox.  It also flowers in the spring, lasting three or four weeks.  It’s not been doing too good the last few years, as nearby trees are producing much more shade than the Phlox likes.

Candystripe Phlox

The fourth picture is what they looked like a few years ago. Notice the color flower on the right end of the third picture.  It has variegated pedals and is called “Candystripe Phlox.”  It was billed as “extremely rare” by the nursery — so rare that of the 15 plants I bought, only four were in fact Candystripe; the rest were white or various shades of pink.

Candystripe Phlox

A close-up of the flower is shown in the final photo; they are quite stunning, but the foliage, which we see most of the year, is less than stellar.

I would like to transplant the Candystripe Phlox to a more suitable area in my yard, but I have yet to figure out where.

As far as were the Phlox are currently residing, I have already interspersed plantings of Dragon’s Blood Sedum, which has lush foliage and scarlet flowers in late summer to fall.  (Where it is currently growing, there is no longer enough sunlight for it to bloom.)

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