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Go Go Gophers

Last week something outside caught my eye. Every few seconds some dirt would fly through the air. It was emanating from grass level in the middle of my back yard.

Upon further investigation I discovered an industrious gopher furiously cleaning out the entrance to his subterranean abode.

I stealthy approached the nexus of the activity just as his dirt-covered snout emerged from his underground cavern. He sure was cute—and quite shocked at my presence.

In a split second his eyes adjusted to the bright sunlight, glimpsed at me, and made a hasty retreat. 

I waited patiently for several minutes, but he did not re-emerge.

I didn’t see him again for several days, becoming fearful that a prolonged rainstorm had caused him harm. But today, I again saw him, working busily as before.

I thought about trying to snap a photo, but he disappeared before I got my camera. 

It least I know he’s okay. Now, if only I could get him to stop making a pile of dirt in the middle of my back yard.

The title for today’s blog is taken from the deep recesses of my childhood memory, referring to a cartoon I watched as a lad: “GO GO Gophers.” 

According to, “The Go-Go Gophers featured a pair of buck-toothed gophers, Ruffled Feathers, who spoke in unintelligible phrases, and his interpreter Running Board.” 

Wikipedia has an entry about the show and YouTube has a couple episodes, just search for “GO GO Gophers.” Enjoy.

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