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Christmas Is Fast Approaching

It seems that my bride starts preparing for Christmas around the middle of August, looking for specific items on sale and making gifts for others. Even so, “we” are usually among the last to put up the Christmas decorations. 

While many stores have been decorated since Halloween (or earlier) and neighbors had their lights strung before the first snow, we lagged behind.

That all changed last weekend, with the tree being put up (it’s an artificial tree this year, so there will be no burning it in the fireplace afterwards) and the living room being re-arranged to accommodate it. 

The fireplace mantle received a yuletide makeover and multiple manger scenes are now on display around our home.

The baking has begun in earnest as the “Queen of Desserts” works her magic.  Already, I’ve eaten too much and gained a couple of pounds (but don’t tell my bride—she may decide to place limits on my consumption.)

Half of our family has already returned for the holidays and the other half will arrive on Christmas Eve.

Christmas time draws near—and I am getting so excited.

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!

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