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Crazy Rabbits

Last fall, I posted a picture of the burning bush in my yard. Of course, it looks different now; the leaves have all fallen off and bare twigs are exposed to the elements—and to the rabbits.

It seems that my burning bush has become a favorite hangout for the rabbits in my neighborhood. It’s not that Ive ever seen them there, but I have seen where they bed down for the night.

I’ve also see where they have nibbled on the bush—and I see their droppings that result as they digest their nibbles. They have left piles of evidence. 

Although a bit unsightly, it should provide a nice supply of natural fertilizer for the bush come this spring.

It doesn’t surprise me that the bunnies are eating the bush. This has been a common sight over the years. In a harsh winter, I’ve even seen them eat an entire burning bush, albeit a small one.

It would seem that they consider the tender twigs as a preferred delicacy.

Fortunately, the larger more aged branches are either too big or not palatable, so my bush is not in danger of being completely devoured and the lower branched that have been eaten will not cause a problem.

Even so, it is the top of the bush that is need of a trim. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to have the rabbits eat the top and not the bottom. That would save me some extra work in the spring.

But lacking four feet of snow—to cover all but its upper reaches—it looks like I’ll be the one doing the trimming.

Those cwazy wabbits.

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