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It’s That Time of Year

It was inevitable; it was going to happen eventually.

With periodic threats being advanced by meteorologists over the past five or six weeks, one such prediction finally proved to be true. Last night, with the odds at 60%, we received our first snowfall of the season.

It was but a dusting. However, as is the norm, more followed it throughout the day, with a couple of inches accumulating.

As is the case with the first snowfall of the year, there were reports of numerous accidents during the morning commute. It takes folks a while to adjust their driving habits to snowy conditions.

First, you need to allow more time to get anywhere; that is key. Slower speeds are critical, with more time needed to accelerate and much more time required to stop.

With the first snow of the year, I always warn anyone who will listen to drive carefully—and keep a wary eye out for those who aren’t.

My preference is that the first snow would arrive on Christmas Eve and the melt on January second, after which spring would begin. But so far that’s never happened. 

With snow in the forecast for the rest of the week, it looks like we will be getting more.

It may be inevitable—but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

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