Last fall, the USPS notified me that my once acceptably positioned mailbox was no longer acceptable. It needed to be moved closer to the road so that I could reliably receive mail during the snowy winter months.

I determined that it was in my best interest to acquiesce to their “request” and reposition my mailbox as suggested. So, on a warm, sunny Saturday afternoon, I happily worked up a sweat, moving it to the specified locale.

At the time, I facetiously remarked that if the snowplow takes out my mailbox, then I would not be able to receive any mail deliveries.

Today, that prophecy was fulfilled; my mailbox was ruthlessly torn from its post and tossed into the snow bank.

Thankfully the post is still standing, as the frozen ground would make in nigh impossible to set a new post. However, the temperature is 7 degrees and the wind chill is hovering at 5. Did I mention that there is a couple feet of snow where my mailbox once was?

I should be out trying to fix it now, but I’m blogging instead. However, once I am done with this post, I won’t be able to procrastinate any longer.

If you don’t hear from me for a couple of days, will you send out a search party?

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