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Video Review: Everything is Spiritual

Reviewed by Peter DeHaan

A unique educator with the flair of the entertainer, Rob Bell, from Mars Hill Bible Church, gives a powerful and compelling discourse on the spiritual reality of man’s existence in his inspiring and awe-filled video, Everything is Spiritual.

Beginning at the beginning with the Genesis narrative of creation, Bell, quickly segues into a confident and rapid-fire recitation of scientific facts and mind-boggling concepts.

He reminds us of the vast complexity, grandeur—and strange behavior—of stars and the universe.

Then equally he adeptly dives into the minuteness, intricacies—and strange behavior—of quarks and matter at the sub-atomic level.

Rather it is interstellar astronomy or quantum physics, the physical reality in which we find ourselves is both amazingly unexplainable and confoundedly complex—and only part of the picture.

Factor in other dimensions and the idea that time need not be linear or unidirectional and the certainty arises that there is more to reality than mere physical existence.

At the intersection of these grand convergences of the huge and minute, of the physical and non-corporeal, stands man. Seemingly, everything is spiritual.

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