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Book Review: Life Application Study Bible

The third edition of the Life Application Study Bible may just be the only Bible study tool you’ll ever need. With the popular NIV translation as its foundation, this Bible surrounds it with insightful charts, timelines, and sidebars.

It also includes a concise commentary, cross reference notes, and character profiles.

The Life Application Study Bible has a slew of other valuable resources too.

The over two-hundred pages of backmatter content provides additional aids, such as a resource for Christian workers, a 365-day Bible reading plan, and several indexes for abbreviations, charts, maps, and personality profiles of biblical characters.

Life Application by Study Bible

A most helpful resource in this Bible is the combined dictionary-concordance. From one place readers can find definitions of key biblical terms, along with a list of verses that contain those words.

This is a most helpful way to dig deeper without consulting multiple, unwieldly references.

A compelling characteristic of the Bible reading plan is that it covers a “complete view of the Scripture . . . without being overwhelming.” It does this by skipping duplicate content.

This streamlined approach provides an effective, manageable tour of the Bible in just one year.

Last, don’t overlook the fourteen full-color maps in the back. They go beyond the typical maps found in some other Bibles, providing additional details and fresh views that address various eras of the biblical narrative.

For example, you may have seen maps of Paul’s missionary journeys, but what about Philip’s, Mark and Barnabas’s, and Peter’s? Their travels are there too.

Whether you’re reading the Bible for the first time or want to see it with fresh eyes, Life Application Study Bible may just be the ideal resource for you.

[Legal stuff: I received this Bible for free as a member of the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid, #BibleGatewayPartner.]

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