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Movie Review: The Other Side of Heaven

Reviewed by Peter DeHaan

The Other Side of Heaven is a wonderfully inspiring real-life saga that is a part love story (on two levels) and part adventure, with a touch of spirituality mixed in for a pleasing result.

In the 1950s, fresh out of college, young John Groberg (Christopher Gorham) agrees to a three-year missionary stint and is assigned to the faraway island of Tonga.

Though he is willing, he is quite unprepared for the culture shock and the many dangers that await him.

In going, he leaves behind a budding relationship with Jean Sabin (Anne Hathaway). With letters being their only source of communication, their relationship blooms as they are passionately and steadfastly drawn to each other.

At the same time, John’s love for the Tongan people also emerges, forming deep and significant relationships in the process.

Although John does not escape his share of humorous—and at times life-threatening—blunders, his hard work is ultimately rewarded as he lovingly and patiently wins over the hearts and minds of the native peoples.

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