Read the New Testament in 2017

Learn more about Jesus and his church as you read through the New Testament this year

The New Testament of the Bible is a great part of the Bible to read. It starts with a focus on the life of Jesus and moves on to cover his followers after he dies, rises from the dead, and returns to heaven. Whether you are familiar with the Bible or just starting out, the New Testament unveils most of the essentials, and it provides the foundation for Christianity as it informs how we should live as Jesus’s disciples.

By reading only one chapter a day, Monday through Friday, we can read the entire New Testament in one year. For the average reader this only takes three to four minutes each day.

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Download our 2017 New Testament reading plan to follow along with us. And then look for posts each Wednesday about that day’s reading.

Join us as we read through the New Testament in 2017. You’ll be glad you did.

(If you prefer, we also have an Old Testament reading plan and monthly guides as well. All this and much more is found at



News Release: Peter DeHaan Updates for Greater User Impact

Online Bible Reading Resource Extends Usefulness and Reach on New, User-Friendly Platform

Apr. 30, 2014 – MATTAWAN, Mich. — Peter DeHaan announced the completion of the overhaul on his popular website The site, which allows him to share his passion for considering the Bible as a fresh, spiritual narrative and not an obsolete rule book, was started in 2008 and received record page views this March, even as the transition was still taking place. is powered by WordPress software, the world’s leading website platform. “This effort began in late 2013,” said Peter DeHaan, PhD, the site’s main content provider. “We kept the old site up and operational as we methodically moved the content over, page by page. Also, each of the 750 pages were reviewed and updated. That made the process take much longer, but it was worth the extra effort.

“With the new WordPress platform, making changes and adding new content is quick and easy,” said DeHaan, a lifetime student of the Bible. The site also boasts a fresh look: “The pages have a clean appearance and navigation is a breeze. Designed six years ago, the old site was definitely showing its age. I’m ecstatic over the improvement.

“A Bible A Day is for Bible-curious people,” added Peter DeHaan. “The FAQ section is the place to start, while helpful resources are in the ‘Books of the Bible’ and ‘Bible Terms’ sections.” A popular feature is the Bible reading plans, which offers options for any schedule. The site also includes a feed of biblically related posts, originally appearing on Peter’s main blog at New posts appear each Thursday; plus, there is an archive of past posts, dating back to 2008.

Learn more about A Bible A Day at

About Peter DeHaan
Peter DeHaan is an author, publisher, editor, and blogger. His main blog addresses biblical spirituality. He also blogs at “Byline” (about writing), and “From the Publisher’s Desk” (covering book publishing). Many of Peter DeHaan’s articles are available online at Article Weekly. Peter and his wife live in beautiful Southwest Michigan. They have two married children and recently met their first grandchild.

Peter DeHaan

News: Welcome to the New Bible Blog

Welcome to The Bible Blog’s new home. It has a fresh look and is powered by WordPress software.

The new Bible Blog is much improved:

  • The new format will make reading easier.
  • Post comments with one click simplicity, with no more Captcha codes to read and enter.
  • Subscribers will enjoy a more robust delivery of posts.
  • New features will be added.

The complete archive of past posts has been moved here too.

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Look for new posts each Thursday.

[The Bible Blog is proudly written by Peter DeHaan and provided by Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

Just Because it’s Spiritual Doesn’t Mean it’s Good

I think that all things are spiritual, but I am quick to assert that not everything that is spiritual is good.

Sometimes it is abundantly clear when something is spiritual but bad; other times it is not so obvious, while occasionally it can be quite confusing.

As a foundation of understanding, I use the Bible as a reference point in discerning good spirituality from bad spirituality. In doing so, I endeavor to comprehend the Bible as narrative, not as rulebook or legal document, but as story about God and the people he created – all people.

That is why this blog is about biblical spirituality, distinguishing it from an anything spirituality.

For more about the Bible, consider another resource: A Bible A

For specific resources on the A Bible A Day website, check out:

News: Update for The Bible Blog and the A Bible A Day website

It’s a subtle change, but the title of this blog has changed to The Bible Blog. This was done for two reasons:

The first is to distinguish the A Bible A Day blog from the A Bible A Day website. The website will stay the same,, while this blog will now be called The Bible Blog (its address will also remain unchanged,

The other reason for the name change is to correspond with the launch of my new, companion blog, Spiritually Speaking. Spiritually Speaking will address a wider array of spiritual issues than what would fit under the theme of The Bible Blog.

I invite you to check out Spiritually Speaking and let me know what you think.

Also, please tell your friends about both blogs; then link to them from your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

Thank you!

News: Book Summaries Have Been Added to

Summaries of all 66 books of the Bible have been completed and are now available online at

Now the focus shifts to expanding the already growing terms section of the website. If you wish to have a Bible term defined, please email me at

News: Minor Prophets Section Added to

Summaries for all the “Minor Prophets” of the Old Testament are now available on-line at

These are more like a draft, than a finished work (which is the case of many of the book summaries and terms),

So please provide your comments, suggestions, and requests for more content.  My email is

News: Summaries for the Bible’s Historical Books Added to

Summaries for all the historical books of the Old Testament are finished and now available on-line at

Next, I will work on completing summaries for the rest of the prophetic books of the Old Testament.

As always, if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, please post a comment or email

Thank you

News: Summary of New Testament Books Complete at

Summaries for all 27 New Testament books are finished and now available on-line at

Next, I will work on completing summaries for the rest of the books in the Old Testament.

As always, if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, please post a comment or email

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