What is Eternal Life?

The phrase “eternal life” occurs 42 times in the Bible. What exactly then is eternal life?

Some suggest eternal life is synonymous with heaven. If we believe in Jesus, we will go to heaven when we die. That is eternal life.

That’s a good start to our understanding of eternal life, but that’s not all there is to it; there’s more.

As I read the Bible, I see eternal life beginning now, here in this world. We learn this from John, whose references to eternal life are often present tense.

When we follow Jesus, eternal life begins immediately, right now, today. Eternal life begins here on earth through Jesus and continues into heaven when our physical bodies die.

If you follow Jesus, are you enjoying eternal life today?

[verses about eternal life in the NIV Bible, John 5:24, John 3:14-21, John 5:39-40, John 3:34-36]

2 thoughts on “What is Eternal Life?”

  1. The term “eternal life” always brings to my mind the time I stepped into my backyard a few weeks after experiencing repentance. I knew in my heart that I was not afraid of dying because I would continue living. Repentance brings sanctification and sanctification is the “will of God”. (I Thess 4:3). Those who do the will of God abide forever (I John 2:17)

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