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For the past twenty-six weeks we’ve sought to expand our understanding of how others worship God.

The 52 Churches Workbook, by Peter DeHaan

Consider these two discussion questions about the second part of our journey: 

1. I now realize that church is not about the teaching or music. It’s about community. 

How can your church foster community and promote meaningful connections?

2. Consumerism is rampant in today’s church. People seek a church with the most engaging speaker and entertaining musicians. They stay until a better preacher or music comes along. 

They are church consumers, looking for the best value.

How can you move your church away from a consumer mindset? From church consumers?

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2 replies on “Key Questions from Churches 14 through 26”

Hi Peter. I believe these are very fundamental questions that require us to look to the very purpose Christ created his Church. In many ways Jesus’s command to go and make disciples of all people groups is a representation of God’s command to the pre-fall Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply to fill the earth with His image bearers. If we are to succeed in fulfilling the Great Commission, it will require both a community of believers and a change from being consumers to being committed servants of Christ. Pray for spiritual renewal for Christ’s Church.

Mr. Kersten. Thank you for posting and praying for spiritual renewal for Christ’s Church.

Consumerism and secularism are here and more and more people want a place to fit in and live the lifestyle promoted through the media and modern government, so church leaders try to make worship services relevant to promote love, peace, social justice and community.

Today as in ages past, Christ is the huge obstacle, the stumbling block for many. Many Biblical teachers and editors have rejected Christ the Everlasting Father in favour of Jesus Barabbas. No matter how often the Holy Spirit tries to tell the uninitiated Christ is the Foundation Stone, the Father and the Bridegroom, of the Church…many more Biblical teachers and theologians rise up to insist the testimony of the Holy Spirit is nonsense. Consequently, Biblical editors and grammatical correctors insert little edits that veil and cover up the Holy Spirit’s testimony.

Meanwhile, the stage for the end times has been set.

Many faithful people are quietly working underground or should I say under the cover of darkness with Jesus Barabbas using the air waves and the CELL PHONE or LAP TOP as a mirror or signalling device, to shine the LIGHT in dark places…making disciples of the nations and baptizing new disciples in the name of the Father, the name of the Son, and the name of the Holy Spirit. As in World War II, if you know the code names for the key players and key Bible passages …you can catch on and work with the resistance movement and feed the message to the people who need it the most.

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