Visiting Churches

A Church on Every Corner: Discussing Church #62

It’s a nondenominational church plant, with the sending congregation residing several states away. It’s curious that an out-of-state church would launch a ministry in an area noted for its religious reputation, with “a church on every corner.” 

Consider these seven discussion questions about Church #62, in an area that seems to have a church on every corner.

1. They meet in a school building, providing a more approachable, less intimidating environment for unchurched people.

What is our perspective for having church in a traditional space? How open are we for a more visitor-friendly alternative?

2. When we arrive, a man standing at the parking lot’s edge greets us with enthusiasm. What a wonderful welcome.

How aware are we that creating a good first impression occurs before people walk inside?

3. Another man greets us, opening the door with a gracious flourish. The friendly reception of these two men is infectious. I can’t wait to experience church here.

What can we do to build anticipation for our church services?

4. To start the service they welcome everyone, asking first-time visitors to raise their hands. Many do. Normally I hate this practice, but with many visitors, I don’t feel singled out.

How can we celebrate visitors without making them squirm? 

5. When the associate pastor announces the offering, he stresses it’s only for regulars, not visitors. This helps counter the common criticism that churches only want our money.

Which example does our church follow? 

6. “We need to attack the lie that you can have it all,” the teaching pastor says. “It’s not possible. Something needs to give.”

How can we find God-honoring contentment? How can we encourage others to do the same?

7. Despite the many churches in the area, the evident excitement and impressive attendance at this church suggests there’s room for one more.

Should we associate church attendance and growth rates with God’s approval? Or might size be our perspective?

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