Visiting Churches

Evidence of the Holy Spirit: Church #66, part 1

Valued friends invite us to visit their church, which “operates in the gifts of the Spirit.” My background is not charismatic, but I relish the opportunity to experience Holy Spirit power and bask in God’s presence. 

Consider these seven discussion questions about Church 66 and evidence of the Holy Spirit.

1. Many churches talk about the Holy Spirit, but their services leave little room for him to act. They keep him at a safe distance.

What role does the Holy Spirit play in our church services? In our daily lives?

2. I’m hungry for God, thirsty for more. I can’t wait for Sunday, counting down the days. Sadly, this attitude of church anticipation is mostly missing from my recent reality.

How much do we anticipate worshiping God? What needs to change?

3. Their website mentions the baptism of the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, the gifts of the Spirit, and supernatural manifestations. I’m terrified and excited. I expect God will stretch me.

How willing are we to let God work in us?

4. I still struggle visiting churches. Apprehension over the unknown roils in my gut. A dozen worries assault my mind. I suspect others also arrive at church filled with apprehension.

How can we help anxious people feel at ease?

5. Many raise their arms in praise, others sway gently with the melody, one respectfully dances her worship of God, and some wave worship flags.

How open are we to worship God through movement? Are we willing to be uncomfortable when others praise him?

6. After about twenty minutes of singing, I think we’re still on the first song. The endless iterations weary Candy, whereas I grow bored.

Does our worship of God push people away or draw us closer?

7. With their minister gone, their service wasn’t typical. I saw little evidence of the Holy Spirit. I’m disappointed. My experience didn’t match what their website proclaims.

Do our church services align with what our marketing promises?

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