Visiting Churches

Fatigue and Fear Set In: Church #75

My final consideration is Greek Orthodox. They appear fourth on my mental list of churches to visit. Like Anglican Catholic, I’ve never talked to anyone who was Greek Orthodox or Eastern Orthodox.

Historically, I understand they split from the Roman Catholic Church about a thousand years ago. 

What little I know—accurate or not—comes from what I’ve seen in movies and television. This is hardly an ideal source of information of what it means to be Greek Orthodox and how their worship of God unfolds.

Visiting them could be another high church experience, which I could contrast to Roman Catholic and Anglican Catholic. 

A Greek Orthodox church is about thirty minutes away. Yet inertia keeps me from visiting.

In truth, I suspect an element of fear also conspires to keep me away, not that I haven’t had to deal with my share of fear in visiting many of the other churches.

But now, a certain degree of church-visiting fatigue contrives to make me unsure and keep me away.

This isn’t their issue, it’s mine.

Given this, I wonder how many other people have similar concerns that keep them home on Sunday and thwart them from visiting churches, one of which could turn out to be a great faith community for them to plug into.

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