Visiting Churches

Growing Deeper, Not Wider

Discussing Church 2

The church is three years old and meets in a strip mall. Their goal is to “grow deeper, not wider.” Everything about this church is the opposite of last week.

The 52 Churches Workbook, by Peter DeHaan

Consider these four church discussion questions for Church #2:

1. I park near the door. I later realize they leave the prime spaces for guests, with the regulars parking further away.

When you arrive at church, where do you park and why?

2. Scores of people mill about, all engaged in conversation. We mosey in, giving time for someone to notice us. No one does. We sit and squirm in silence.

Who do you talk to before church: friends, regulars you don’t know well, or visitors? Why? What needs to change?

3. Despite singing and hearing a message, most of the service relates to church business.

How can you address church business and still make it meaningful for new people? Should Sunday mornings have an external focus, saving internal discussions for a different time?

4. Although they ignored us after we walked in, the overall atmosphere and service was much more welcoming than last week. I want to come back.

What can you do to make it easy for people to engage in your service and want to return?

Grow Deeper

I applaud this church for their desire to grow deeper. From what I can tell, they’re doing a fantastic job. And in the process, they are growing numerically as well.

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