Visiting Churches

A Friendly Church with a Homey Feel

Discussing Church 1

The church has no online presence, as well as an uninviting exterior. But the people inside are friendly, and we feel at home—mostly. But overall, they are a friendly church.

The 52 Churches Workbook, by Peter DeHaan

Consider these four discussion questions about Church #1:

1. An unwieldy wheelchair ramp tacked onto the front of the building desperately needs painting. We bypass the ramp, but it remains our focal point and forms our first impression.

What changes should you make to give your church better curb appeal and offer a better first impression?

2. A man lacking in social skills, with possible mental issues, corners us when we arrive. We can’t escape his plodding monologue.

What can you do to protect visitors from regular attendees who may repel or scare them away?

3. There are only seventeen people present. With a smirk, the minister asks first-time visitors to raise their hands. I want to disappear.

What practices should you stop so that people won’t squirm?

4. After the service, everyone lingers to chat. Many thank us for visiting and invite us to come again, but they aren’t pushy.

What can you do to help a person’s first visit not be their last?

This was a friendly church and that goes along way to overcoming their shortcomings, which every church has.

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