Visiting Churches

When Visiting Churches We Must Keep Our Focus on God

For 52 Churches, my wife and I spent one year visiting a different Christian church every week. What we learned was amazing. Still, I knew the journey wasn’t over.

We had more to do and visited more churches. I shared these new experiences in More Than 52 Churches.

Consider these three discussion questions as we dig deeper into visiting churches.

1. Visiting churches wore us down. Visitors to our churches may share a similar perspective.

What can we do to help weary visitors experience God and enjoy community?

2. Each church’s worship practices varied, and their theology diverged, but the God behind them stands constant.

How can we keep our focus on God and not on our church service and theology?

3. A slight majority of the population are introverts who may struggle more in visiting churches.

Regardless of where we are on the introvert-extrovert scale, what can we do to personally embrace church visitors?

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If you feel it’s time to move from the sidelines and get into the game, The More Than 52 Churches Workbook provides the plan to get you there.

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