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Discussing Church 10

Today’s church has no website, and their Facebook page only links to their denomination’s website. Without an online presence, their outreach efforts are nil.

The 52 Churches Workbook, by Peter DeHaan

Consider these four discussion questions about Church #10:

1. With no online presence, their outreach efforts are nonexistent. Their future lacks promise. Members will die with no one to replace them.

What is your church doing to attract younger people?

2, Their older building has an aged exterior, exacerbated by neglect. Grass grows through the cracks in the parking lot. Inside is more of the same.

They’ve made updates but in a basic, we’re-on-a-tight-budget, way. Regular attendees overlook these issues. Visitors do not.

What steps should your church take to have an inviting facility?

3. Several members introduce themselves. We reciprocate, but no one bothers to engage in conversation.

Beyond introducing yourself, what else can you do to interact with others?

4. A technical glitch leaves their retractable screen in the up position. The planned service relied on video.

The pastor’s message—which I suspect he quickly pulled together—celebrates God as a father to the fatherless. It goes smoothly and no one gripes.

When church services don’t go as planned, how well do you adjust without complaint?

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