Visiting Churches

Prayer Teams at Church #65

I met one of this church’s staff at a speaker’s conference. As we talked about the church’s belief in the present-day power of the Holy Spirit, that same Holy Spirit nudged me to visit. At last, we will.

Consider these seven discussion questions about Church 65.

1. Inside is a bustle of activity, which beckons us to the right, yet I spot a quiet, darkened sanctuary to my left.

A woman glides up to direct us. How observant are we to people needing assistance?

2. It’s time for the service to begin, but my friend from the speaker’s conference dismisses my concern. “We don’t start on time here.” She smiles and gestures to the throng still behind us.

Is our church’s starting time fact or fiction?

3. Every song is new to me, and I struggle to mouth the words. The Bible says, “Sing a new song,” not the ones we know and like.

What is our attitude toward singing new songs? What about our favorites?

4. As we sing, one woman dances worshipfully off to the right, several more wave flags, and a few raise their hands as they sing.

How open are we to give God our physical worship?

5. The minister talks about living expectantly. Imagine waking up each morning and asking God, “Daddy, what are we going to do today?” What a grand way to live life.

How can we live with this kind of expectation? 

6. After the closing song, prayer teams form up front. Gentle music produces a safe and holy place. Some people go forward for prayer.

What can we do to provide a safe prayer time that people will accept? 

7. This church does many things right, but I expected more Holy Spirit presence. This is my fault for making false assumptions.

How should we respond when we don’t get what we expect or assume?

Yet overall, it is the prayer teams that stand out to me.

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