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Unplanned and Spontaneous: Church #70

I once stumbled upon a group of Young Quakers online. Their faith, passion for community, and desire to make a difference in their world drew me in.

I was intrigued and curious, but they had no gathering close by, so I searched for similar meetings in my area.

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Consider these three discussion questions about Church 70.

1. Casting a wider net for Quakers in general, I found a meeting nearby. They get together the first, third, and fifth Sundays of each month.

How open are we to not go to church every week? 

2. Another interesting difference is they have no minister. With no clergy to lead them, everyone can participate in an egalitarian manner.

How well would we function in a leaderless faith community as true equals?

3. According to their website, their meetings are unplanned and spontaneous. I suspect they spend a lot of time listening to the Holy Spirit, reacting as appropriate.

How open are we to listen to the Holy Spirit?

Be willing to consider an unplanned and spontaneous church service.

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