Visiting Churches

The Worship Team: Discussion Questions for Church #57

During our 52 Churches journey, many people suggested we visit today’s destination, but it was too far away. When the building’s former occupants became too few to carry on, another church took over the building and launched a new gathering.

Consider these seven discussion questions about Church 57.

1. A sign in the drive, too small to easily read, directs traffic in two directions. Unable to read it without stopping, I guess.

Do we need to rework our church signs so that they actually help?

2. After we enter, the worship team begins playing to start the service. This church has a reputation for its many talented musicians, and we’re seeing the results.

What is our church’s reputation? What do we need to improve?

3. A leader asks us to break into groups and discuss the purpose of church. We’re nicely started when she tells everyone to wrap things up.

What is the purpose of church? How should it function to meet this intent?

4. With their minister gone, the intern fills in. He shares a string of Bible verses and intriguing soundbites, but I fail to grasp their connection with the purpose of church.

What should we do when the message falls short?

5. The worship team plays softly to end the service, while the prayer team comes forward to pray for those who seek prayer.

How open are we to pray for others at church? And away from church?

6. When the music starts for the second service, we hustle out of the sanctuary and leave.

How can we allow more time for people to experience community after the service and not shoo them away?

7. Both before and after the service we had rich interaction with people we knew. But I wonder about our reception had no one known us.

How can we make our pre-church and post-church interaction more inclusive of people we don’t know?

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