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David Mourns Abner’s Death

Psalm 163 from Beyond Psalm 150

Abner is captain of Saul’s army and initially opposes David.

Later, he switches his allegiance. Nevertheless, Joab, the leader of David’s army, kills Abner to avenge his brother’s death.

David weeps for Abner and sings this lament.

Should Abner die as a fool dies? Your hands weren’t bound, and your feet weren’t put into fetters. As a man falls before the children of iniquity, so you fell.

2 Samuel 3:33–34 (WEB)

Reflections on David Mourns Abner’s Death

David viewed Abner’s life as valuable. Joab didn’t. David forgave. Joab held a grudge. David mourns Abner’s death, whereas Joab caused it.

Do we value the lives of others? What can we do to elevate the lives of all people, regardless of their situation?

May we see others as God sees them.

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