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What Is Your Path?

When We Focus on Other People, We May Lose Sight of Our Own Calling

As Jesus wraps up his stint on earth, he spends some time with his disciples, the core group he trained for three years. They will need to carry on without him, and he wants to make sure they’re ready.

First, he must deal with Peter, who, a few days earlier, denied he even knew Jesus. Jesus is gentle but sure.

To counter Peter’s three denials, Jesus has his wayward disciple give three affirmations of love. After each one, Jesus tells Peter to “Care for those who follow me.”

Then Jesus tells Peter what his future will entail. It ends with execution. But Jesus tells Peter to follow him, regardless.

Likely squirming and wanting to change the subject, Peter notices John and asks Jesus what the future holds for this disciple, “What are your plans for him?”

Jesus won’t play along. He basically says, “It doesn’t matter. You must do what I told you to do: follow me.”

It’s easy to become distracted by other people: People who seem to have more success, at least by the world’s standards; people who radiate God’s love in a way we fear we never will; or people who pray with a faith that eludes us.

Frustrated and discouraged, we may ask God, “What are your plans for them?”

To which God says, “It doesn’t matter what others do, you must follow me.” That is your path.

Look straight ahead and follow Jesus. We shouldn’t concern ourselves with what others are doing. Don’t look to the right or to the left, but look right at Jesus (Proverbs 4:25-27).

[Read through the Bible this year. Today’s reading is John 20-21 and today’s post is on John 21:20-22.]

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4 replies on “What Is Your Path?”

Isn’t it the truth that we always seem to be looking elsewhere? And comparing! In our search for validation in life, we are so prone to comparison with other people. It’s easy to forget that we already have a standard, a perfect one named Jesus. Finding who God is uniquely calling us to be and striving toward that goal will bring the affirmation that we seek in life. I love the practical nature of your posts, Peter.

Thanks for your comments, Tim.

For us writers, the comparison game is hard to avoid. Yet, I remind myself that what matters is being faithful to what God tells me to write.

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