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The Role Faith Plays in the Creation Versus Evolution Debate

For all their differences, both creation and the theory of evolution require an element of faith

In school I learned about evolution. In church I learned about creation.

Creation marks the beginning of the Bible and forms the foundation of my worldview, which started as a child from my parents and became an informed decision as an adult.

I’m not sure if creation versus evolution is an either/or consideration, or if there’s a way for them to peaceably coexist. It could happen. But I do know is that either perspective requires an element of faith.

Obviously, it requires faith to believe in an unseen God who created the universe and has an interest in us as his creation.

However, when I look at the theory of evolution in follow its path back to the beginning, I reach a point where something had to come out of nothing.

That requires a great deal of faith, too, even more then is needed to accept that God made us and the world we live in.

To me it’s easier to, by faith, except a superior entity who exists outside our time-space reality.

In fact, since time and space exist on a continuum, if you perceive God as the creator of space, then he’s also the creator of time. That means he exists outside our time-space reality, which he created as our playground.

On a simple scale, it’s much like you or I constructing an ant farm. We would exist outside our creation, and the ants would live inside it. The ant farm would be the ant’s world, their reality.

We would be an entity external to them and beyond their comprehension.

The issue of creation versus evolution boils down to faith. Which is easier to accept in faith? At its basic core evolution requires we accept that something came out of nothing.

Conversely, creation requires we have faith of an entity who lives outside our time-space reality.

Given this, I need less faith to believe in creation than I do to accept the theory of evolution.

Yes, there’s a middle ground, that God created our reality using the process of evolution.

To me it doesn’t matter how God created us and our world. I see myself as a created being and desire to worship the God who made me.

Peter DeHaan writes about biblical Christianity to confront status quo religion and live a life that matters. He seeks a fresh approach to following Jesus through the lens of Scripture, without the baggage of made-up traditions and meaningless practices.

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2 replies on “The Role Faith Plays in the Creation Versus Evolution Debate”

The big thing about evolution verses a creator who created and is creating the world in which we who are created in the Creator’s own likeness and image male and female is that evolution insists human beings evolved out of ape-like creatures. This may seem offensive to people who hold to the Genesis account. More importantly, people may not realize that at the time the book of Genesis was written, people had been on the earth for thousands of years and had a great deal of mathematical knowledge. If you are interested in the Mathematics embedded in the Genesis Creation story, you can download a paper I wrote entitled Mathematics and The New Jerusalem

Evolution or Creation requires a belief that Creation is growing and evolving in faith too. In other words we can say as Creation matures and grows in infinite wisdom so does humanity. The theory that the universe resulted in a big bang…the splitting of one circle into two equal circles with equal radiuses is not new. The ancients had this theory at the time the Gospel was written. This theory is called sacred geometry or the Vesica Piscis. For more about how this relates to the Gospel and the fish numbering 153, readers can read my blog posting Russian News Source reports: POD OF DOLPHINS BRINGS ICON OF The mother of god to shore in Sochi

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