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Spring Has Sprung—I Think

Just two days ago, the sunrise temperature was 1 degree F; I was beginning to wonder if spring would ever get here. (According to the calendar, spring begins in about two weeks, on March 20).

Although we have been intermittently flirting with nicer weather, it quickly turns out to be nothing more than a tease.

We are currently on a warning trend with each day this week predicted to be warmer than the one prior. Yesterday the prognosis was a high of 38, while today it was projected to hit 47. Imagine my delight when the noontime temperature hit 60. 

I skipped lunch and took a walk—it was amazing! Currently, it is 64 degrees.

I also noticed a couple of my daffodils are poking through. They haven’t produced flowers the past few years, so after moving and fertilizing them last fall, this year might be the last chance they are given to bloom. 

Even so, it is refreshing to see a hint of life and growth in an otherwise desolate and dreary landscape.

It will only be a matter of time before the yard work begins. Right now that is a welcome prospect, given a season of being cooped up inside. 

However, I’m sure my attitude will quickly change when I can’t find the time to do all the outdoor tasks that beckon my attention.

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