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Yellow is Nice, Too

After dissing my Maple trees on Monday for turning yellow instead of the anticipated shades of orange or red, I realized that yellow is also pretty, even if not what I expected or was used to. 

So, I snapped a picture yesterday of one with all its glorious yellow hues. It’s a good thing I did, as even today, the trees are a little less grand, with a bit fewer leaves, and a greater hint of yellow turning brown.

I also mowed my lawn yesterday for (hopefully) the last time of the season. 

The grass actually wasn’t grown much in the past several days and it should have been cut last week, but yesterday was the first time that the lawn actually dried off enough to mow.

Aside from leaf removal, I think my yard duties are winding down for the year, with only end-of-the-season mower maintenance needing my attention.

By the way, there is a chance of snow predicted for the weekend!

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