I recently read an article where the author lamented, “Young people are leaving the church.” A bit later he wrote, “Young people don’t stick with their faith.” His implication was that the two statements meant the same thing. They do not — and assuming they do is part of the problem.

I’ve had frequent, ongoing struggles with church as its commonly practiced and church attendance — so much so that I’m writing two books about it. However, my church issues have never challenged or confronted my faith. In fact, questioning church has strengthened my spiritual convictions, clarifying what I believe and why, confirming what is important and what is distraction.

Yes, young people are leaving the modern church, but not because they’re giving up on God. Rather, they’re giving up on the way we do church.

They’re seeking more than what church is able to give. They want more of God and will do what they need to, even if it means leaving the church to find him.

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