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Reflecting on Church #46: Good Preaching Isn’t Enough

Good Preaching is a Start, but it’s Not the End

With our journey of visiting fifty-two churches over, I can reflect more on the complete experience. Today, I’ll add to my thoughts about Church #46.

Although the minister won me over with his teaching, his good preaching, the first half of the service remains my primary memory of my time there. Everything they did was tired, mired in decades old practices.

52 Churches: A Yearlong Journey Encountering God, His Church, and Our Common Faith

It might have been contemporary, even progressive in 1980, but now it smacks of days gone by.

The world has changed, but they forgot to keep pace. Worship trends come and go, but they latched onto one and persist in it even though it’s no longer trending and is now just a tired relic of the past.

Perhaps this is why I saw very few young people or children there, which is a sign of a declining church. If they fail to raise up the next generation, this one will be it’s last.

It wasn’t that they started poorly or lacked focus. It was simply a matter of me not connecting with them, and more importantly, they didn’t help me connect with God. They failed to provide community.

I left feeling empty and lonely.

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