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Reflecting on Church #45: Same Church—Different Outcome

Comparing Two Church Services

With our journey of visiting fifty-two churches over, I can reflect more on the complete experience. Today, I’ll add to my thoughts about Church #45.

This church had two church services. One was traditional and the other contemporary. The two options presented a nice contrast of styles. However, the style of service was not the most important distinction.

The contrast between the attendees was. What we experiences was most disconcerting.

52 Churches: A Yearlong Journey Encountering God, His Church, and Our Common Faith

Although the age difference was the most noticeable, it wasn’t the most significant. The people at the first service were friendly and outgoing, whereas at the second service, they were not.

I felt a connection with the first group but not the second. It was if they merely showed up to put in their time, treating the church as a passive, solitary experience.

I’m not against quiet introspection (assuming that’s what they were doing), but I think worshiping God in the community is a higher intent.

Outcomes of Two Church Services

I liked the style of the second service best, but I liked the people at the first service more. They had two church services with different outcomes.

It’s too bad I couldn’t experience both at the same time.

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