Visiting Churches

Suffering from a Bad Reputation: Church #69

On my list of seven churches is a church from a small conservative denomination. I’ve never met anyone who currently goes to one of this denomination’s churches, but I have met people who used to go there.

Consider three discussion questions about Church 69, a small conservative denomination.

1. These people left this church bruised and bloodied, rejected by those they used to worship with. Their church pushed them out over issues I consider trivial.

How can we disagree with people without causing them pain?

2. Every church has detractors. As frail humans, with a sinful nature, this will occur. But to meet only people this denomination hurt is troublesome.

How can we make sure we don’t harm our church’s reputation or the name of Jesus?

3. I want to visit and learn more. But I already know too much and couldn’t go with an open mind. I must adjust my perspective.

When we have a bad attitude, do we seek God’s help to correct it?

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