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The Bible is the Big Book of Questions

Questions Arise as We Study the Bible and That’s Okay

In the post Is It Okay to Question God? I share stories of Job, Abraham, Moses, David, Mary, and Jesus. They all question God. Seriously, they do. But God doesn’t punish them for questioning him and his sovereignty. He listens. He’s patient.

Asking Questions Is Good

I suspect God appreciates their questions. It shows that they’re engaged with him. They have confidence to approach him. They have a relationship that allows for thoughtful questions.

I suspect God appreciates our questions too. It shows that we’re engaged with him. We have confidence to approach him. We have a relationship that allows for thoughtful questions. Our questions honor God and reveal our faith.

Not Asking Questions Is Harmful

In some groups, as well as some churches, people learn that they shouldn’t ask questions. Those who do, find out the hard way that there are consequences if they question authority or what they’re taught.

As a result, they end up blindly following whatever their leader says, whether good or bad. (This is a characteristic of a cult.)

And those who persist in asking questions face having the group ostracize or expel them, sometimes even kill them.

Not being able to question faith-related items will fester inside us until our faith collapses. Just as asking questions draws us to God, not asking questions pushes us away.

The Book of Questions

As we read the Bible and study it, questions arise. Some people push these aside without giving them another thought. Others are afraid to give voice to their questions for fear it reveals a lack of faith.

What if our questions show a deficit of understanding? Yet others don’t fear these questions. Instead, they embrace questions as part of their faith journey.

Asking questions about what the Bible says proves we’re engaging with its words. And by having the courage to ask these questions, it reveals our relationship with God.

We don’t fear him, afraid to question his Word. We love him, confident to ask questions about the Bible.

Asking questions proves we’re in relationship with God. Just as a student with a trusted teacher, we’re encouraged to think deeply and ask tough questions. This is because when we ask questions, we grow. We grow in our understanding of the Bible.

We grow in our faith. And we grow in our relationship with God.

Asking questions helps us grow closer to God. Isn’t this what he wants?

Peter DeHaan writes about biblical Christianity to confront status quo religion and live a life that matters. He seeks a fresh approach to following Jesus through the lens of Scripture, without the baggage of made-up traditions and meaningless practices.

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