Visiting Churches

Anglican Catholic: Discussion Questions for Church #74

Another church is Anglican Catholic. They’re also on my mental list of churches to visit. I know nothing about them or their faith practices. I expect their service to be much like Roman Catholic, but I’m not sure. 

Consider these three discussion questions about Church 74.

1. I’m curious and intrigued. I’m sure I can gather much to contemplate about our common faith and our varied worship practices.

What steps can we take to expand our understanding of worshiping God and embrace the faith journey of others? 

2. Unlike other streams of Christianity and other Protestant denominations, I’ve never met anyone who was Anglican Catholic—at least not that I’m aware of.

What do our friends know about our faith and which church we go to?

3. Lacking information about their practices, this Anglican Catholic church emerges for me with a mystical aura, but I doubt that’s accurate.

What uninformed assumptions might we hold about others that we should seek to verify or correct?

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